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The Many Ways to Communicate with Customers

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Diana Meyer
CEO/President, Meyer Marketing Intelligence, Inc.

Phones, e-mail, texts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are all tools businesses use to communicate with their customers. How do YOU communicate with and market to your customers or prospective customers?

Now you may be wondering, “Do I need to communicate with my customers using all these mechanisms?” Quite simply, the answer is “No”. Yes, I know that’s a relief! However, what you would want to do is really understand who your customer is, his or her age profile, and where or how they want to interact with you. Let’s take a quick look at some of these communication tools.

Phone: clearly the overwhelming majority of people have access to phones; however, there is a growing trend in the U.S. away from landlines. In fact, younger customers are more likely to rely on a cell phone exclusively.

E-mail: this is a cost-effective way to communicate with customers. It’s also important to note that those under 44 years of age are less likely to use e-mail compared to those at least 45 years of age (according to a survey conducted in 2010 on internet usage by SSI).

Text: great way to communicate with customers under the age of 25 according to the same study in 2010. Also, promotional information can also be sent out via text messages.

Facebook: another great way to communicate with all customers. Younger customers are most likely to communicate via Facebook. However, do NOT rely on this media exclusively and Facebook posts should be done in concert with other types of communication to establish trust. Although many messages are done electronically, people do not automatically trust these messages. Think of possibly participating in local events to make that human connection and post about the event on Facebook.

LinkedIn: good communication tool if your customers are other businesses or business people. One of the ways to use LinkedIn is to either post questions or answer questions in the “Answers” section.

Twitter: great way to reach a large number of people, but important to remember your message needs to be concise and clear at a maximum of 140 characters.

Just remember, the key is to make it easy for your customers to connect with you on their terms! Also, keep in mind these are all two-way streets of communication. If your customers post or tweet something, acknowledge them with a post or tweet and respond to their question.


Diana Meyer
CEO/President, Meyer Marketing Intelligence, Inc.


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I hoped I would die before I had to learn to use a computer.  Don’t get me wrong, — I wasn’t suicidal or looking to die young.  I was hoping technology would slow down and let me live out my natural life without having to learn the complexities of being computer literate (oxymoron in my case!).

Lucky for all of us, computers have become easier and faster to use and very intuitive – EXCEPT, I still have to push the ‘start’ button to turn my computer ‘off’.  Whose genius idea was that?  But for the most part, it simply takes time and effort to learn, like a new language.

Now, I’ve become so dependent on technology, I panic when I can’t get on line or when my cell phone is inoperable.  I’ve even been known to take my phone to the restroom so I won’t miss a call.  You’re not like that are you?

Many of the technological advancements we use today are need-driven, and I believe, equally driven by ‘want’, which drives a whole other set of behaviors… this blog for instance.

I mean, really!  How much time do we spend writing and reading someone else’s thoughts and opinions?  More importantly, what are we saying to each other?  (Unknown author:  “Opinions are like bellybuttons – everybody has one”.)  I wonder if  I am that interesting, and frankly some of you may be in the same category.

Truthfully, I am saying all this tongue-in-cheek.  I have read the blogs posted on VIA’s website and, this one being the primary exception, I would say that all of them are helpful to business people.

We can learn a lot from each other if we only keep an open mind.  You can tell that opening my mind to blogging made me sweat… I’d rather wash windows.  Next time I weigh in, I intend to write something that deserves your time.

Denise Henderson
MD Commercial Cleaning

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Some of you may remember parts of this post from a year ago, but I felt compelled to recall part of it.  Today, the Valley Industry Association of Santa Clarita is 30 years old!  Today marks the launch of a year long celebration for the organization and its members, culminating with a special celebration event tentatively scheduled for Friday, October 28.  I hope you will join us in celebrating the successes we have accomplished together.

Incorporated on February 9, 1981, VIA has changed in many ways since its humble beginning.  Originally a group of just 20 companies from the Valencia Industrial Center, VIA was created to push forth critical transportation initiatives.  That group discovered almost immediately that their collective voice was far more successful than each were individually. What an incredible incentive to grow!

And grow we did!  VIA, the fastest growing B2B organization in the Santa Clarita Valley, has moved in many directions over the years, but we have always remained true to our core values.  Our tag line, “Connecting and Building SCV Industry” says it all.  CEO Forums, member surveys, and regular personal contact with our members keep us in touch with pressing issues for business and allow us to continually provide real value to our membership. We have a rich history including VIA BASH events showcasing members and local industry clusters, B2B Industry Shows, Regional Executive Summits, the creation of the Valencia Learning Center (which later became the Employee Training Institute at COC), our annual Luncheon Series, the Website Contest, Connecting to Success, and VIA STAR .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIA!  I’m proud to be a part of this strong, vibrant organization and hope all of you will stay tuned for the next 30!

Kathy Norris

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