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I hoped I would die before I had to learn to use a computer.  Don’t get me wrong, — I wasn’t suicidal or looking to die young.  I was hoping technology would slow down and let me live out my natural life without having to learn the complexities of being computer literate (oxymoron in my case!).

Lucky for all of us, computers have become easier and faster to use and very intuitive – EXCEPT, I still have to push the ‘start’ button to turn my computer ‘off’.  Whose genius idea was that?  But for the most part, it simply takes time and effort to learn, like a new language.

Now, I’ve become so dependent on technology, I panic when I can’t get on line or when my cell phone is inoperable.  I’ve even been known to take my phone to the restroom so I won’t miss a call.  You’re not like that are you?

Many of the technological advancements we use today are need-driven, and I believe, equally driven by ‘want’, which drives a whole other set of behaviors… this blog for instance.

I mean, really!  How much time do we spend writing and reading someone else’s thoughts and opinions?  More importantly, what are we saying to each other?  (Unknown author:  “Opinions are like bellybuttons – everybody has one”.)  I wonder if  I am that interesting, and frankly some of you may be in the same category.

Truthfully, I am saying all this tongue-in-cheek.  I have read the blogs posted on VIA’s website and, this one being the primary exception, I would say that all of them are helpful to business people.

We can learn a lot from each other if we only keep an open mind.  You can tell that opening my mind to blogging made me sweat… I’d rather wash windows.  Next time I weigh in, I intend to write something that deserves your time.

Denise Henderson
MD Commercial Cleaning

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