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Job Hunting a shifting process

July 5, 2011 Leave a comment

There is nothing as constant as change.  And changing technology is fueling a shifting Job hunting process.  Today job seekers interact in a virtual world therefore should possess a virtual job-hunting toolkit.  However until such time as a bar-code is implanted on our foreheads enabling employers to scan a candidate’s; education, skill levels, personality dimensions, compatibility with the job requirements and culture of the company as well as background checks for electronic employment predictability.  Candidates will continue to personally interview with people who are in a position to make a hiring decision.  Up till now that has not changed.

John Silver

Director of Career Services

ITT Technical Institute, Sylmar Campus

What’s Your Approach … Train or Hire the Skills Your Company Needs?

July 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently there have been numerous media pronouncements that, despite record unemployment levels, employers are finding skills shortages and mismatches as they look to add to their overall staffing levels.  A growing number of employers are taking the approach that, in order to keep staff levels at the optimal level and with the appropriate skill sets, they need to up-skill existing employees and then recruit at the easier to fill lesser skilled positions.

So what’s your company philosophy and why?  Are you enduring long recruitment cycles as you look for that “perfect” fit or are you taking the approach of increasing the skill levels of your existing employees through formal training, on-the-job training or a mixture of both?

Joe Klocko

Director, Center for Applied Competitive Technologies

College of the Canyons