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I’d rather be talked about than forgotten

August 8, 2011 1 comment

I received a survey the other day and decided to take a few minutes to provide feedback for a couple of reasons… the first being that I was very satisfied and wanted to let the company know.

The second reason was because the survey was preceded (by a few days) with a note from the president of the company.  Now I realize that it was probably a form letter, BUT… this guy wrote just as if we were standing in the same room and he was genuinely pleased that I’d chosen his company.  He was hopeful that my experience was satisfying and that I would tell him all about it.

Since then, I’ve received another ‘letter from the President’, this time from a different company and for a different reason.  It was less personal and it felt like a form letter.  Guess it would take an expert to discern the difference, but there definitely was one.

The lesson for me is that if I’m going to take the time to enhance my business image by sending personal notes to my customers, I need to make sure to hit the mark.  As in my experience, the first letter was very impressive and the second was very forgettable.  Wish I could tell you exactly what the appeal was (or wasn’t), but all I know is that I’ll be paying attention to whatever goes from my desk to a customer’s IN box.   I’d rather be talked about than forgotten.

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Never get comfortable

August 5, 2011 2 comments

Over last weekend, I briefly thought to myself “it sure would be nice if things settled down at SNQ – even briefly and we had a normal day”.

So what precipitated this thought?  Well, it seems to me that since day one of the formation of Status Not Quo, every day has been dynamic, challenging, and mildly stressful due to constant change.  Granted, most of our challenges have been positive (i.e. either fall under “opportunity” or “character building” lol). 

 However, as I reflect today (I’m writing this on a Monday), I admonish myself to “Never get comfortable”.  I constantly challenge other business owners and our clients to continuously reinvent themselves, or stagnate and get left behind.  While this is always our focus, it is hectic.

 The entire year of 2011 at SNQ has been crazy busy due to a move – consolidating and moving to a corporate office.  We went from completely virtual and decentralized, to a mix of the two with stronger centralization. 

 However, not one week after I sat down at the new office, we were faced with the potential of an incredible opportunity to move into two new areas of software development by absorbing/merging with another firm.  This will expand us into a multi-office company, and very possibly into needing an international presence in South America.  Talk about Distributed to Centralized and back to Distributed (insert rising stress meter here)!

 My point is to be thankful for change, and embrace that uncertainty.  Granted, many times it stems from a negative challenge – but we must still view those challenges as opportunities to change, leverage, reinvent, and grow.  The day things start getting boring around here is when I will really start to stress.  Take a well deserved break this weekend, but when you return on Monday, challenge yourself and get outside of your comfort zone.

 Scott Capistrano

Status Not Quo