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VIA WORKS FOR ME! (By: Anna Frutos-Sanchez)

November 28, 2011 Leave a comment


It is hard to believe that it is now the end of November, and December will come and go as quickly as the year has.  Time flies when you’re having fun!  That’s exactly how I feel about the work I do for Southern California Edison and the Boards I serve on, especially VIA, a key organization in the Santa Clarita Valley that continuously has educated and provided solutions for business success through our monthly information, education and advocacy.  

When I first joined the VIA Organization and the Board in 2006, it was specifically because of I had heard this was the organization which has existed for over 30 years and has made exceptional contributions to the Santa Clarita Community.  It is an organization with an exceptional reputation, and does not compete with other organizations; it simply has a mission that continuously delivers to its members.

VIA’s Committees  have contributed to my knowledge of this community and have been a very important element of staying informed on legislative updates, environmental issues/concerns, transportation updates, educational programs, etc.  For a company such as Edison, it is key and very important to stay connected and informed, and in particular to stay engaged and be a member of the decision makers in the community… VIA has provided this and more!

2011 has been a very important year for VIA and one that has set the tone for the years to come.  VIA has had its share of economic problems, as have many other organizations and businesses, however, because VIA is comprised of folks who care, who give, and who contribute to the betterment of our Santa Clarita Community, VIA has grown and is strong.  VIA brings forth very successful programs such as the B2B Expo, the Gala, the monthly luncheons, Connecting to Success, and other.  I just want to compliment VIA for making a difference and for staying committed to its mission.

I look forward to VIA’s continued growth and advocacy!  Way to go VIA!

Anna Frutos-Sanchez
Local Public Affairs Region Manager
Southern California Edison

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