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Make A Difference in a High School Student’s Life

We all get so busy with work that sometimes we forget the importance and the value in imparting a few tidbits of real life experience with a teenager. So let me ask you, how would you feel knowing that you might have helped a teenager find his or her first part time or summer job? How would you feel knowing that you helped a teenager think of how he or she is seen in the virtual world before even completing a job application or a college application? How would you feel knowing that you shared with a teenager the value of managing his or her own personal finances responsibly? And, how would you feel knowing that, just maybe, a teenager is a bit more aware of how ethical his or her actions are on a daily basis?

Well, if you think you would feel good by helping a high school student be better prepared to take more responsibility for him or herself, then I ask you to consider spending half a day volunteering your time at the 10th Annual Connecting to Success event!

If this would be your first time facilitating, don’t worry! We’ll team you up with a returning facilitator. The topics you can help teach are:

  • Building Your Image for Success: branding yourself, interviewing, dressing for the interview, using social media to network, and preparing your resume;
  • Money Smarts: saving for the future, understanding basic money management, and understanding basic financial terms; and,
  • Ethics – Doing the Right Thing: applying the Rotary 4-Way Test – Is it the truth? Is it fair? Will it establish goodwill? Is it beneficial to all concerned?

So when can you volunteer? VIA’s two remaining dates are:

  • Thursday, October 18th
  • Thursday, November 15th

Contact the VIA Office at 661.294.8088 or leave a post here and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember, VIA is THE Place to Be…for business, for networking, for building instilling real world knowledge to teens!

Diana Meyer
2012 VIA Chairwoman of the Board
Logix Federal Credit Union

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