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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

April 2, 2012 3 comments

It seems as summer gets closer more and more companies are looking for a summer picnic, team building, or low cost corporate outings to help build morale and keep things light and positive in the office during the summer months.   There have been countless articles written about the benefits of team building and corporate outings over the years.  One of the best articles I found recently gives several quick tips for both small and large budget options.  Some of my favorites from the list include the flash events, ping pong tournament, and of course a sporting event outing.  To view the complete article click on the link below:

 If your organization has tasked you with the assignment of planning this year’s summer picnic or team building outing, one easy solution is to book a block of group tickets to SCV Dodger Day on Saturday, May 19th for the 7:10pm game against the St. Louis Cardinals.  This has been a tradition going on more than 30 years in the Santa Clarita Valley and the City has the ability to ensure your entire group sits together.  For more information or to book a group block for your company outing visit:

Whatever you choose to do however, definitely make sure there is an element of fun and employee buy-in.  The last thing you want is your morale boosting event to turn into a morale buster.

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